1/ Overview 

I would like to introduce to you the Diamond Titan FX product.

Diamond Titan FX is an EA designed and created by a team rich in trading and coding experience. The EA is designed with the goal of changing traders' preconceptions that robot trading is not as effective as human trading.

The EA is specifically designed for Dow Jones pairs (US30, DJ30).

It is designed with special features for prop firms and large funds.

The EA is suitable for both individual accounts; you can start with $100,200 if your broker allows high leverage.

The EA always uses a 100% fixed SL to protect capital and ensure account safety.

The EA does NOT use risky strategies such as martingale, grid, or hedging.

The EA uses trailing stops to lock in profits quickly.

The EA has a news filter function for traders who want to avoid major market news releases.

The EA has a drawdown management function on a daily and total account basis.


2/ Backtesting

Let's backtest the EA results based on IC Market data.

Mode: Every tick, Every tick based on real tick or 1 minute OHLC 

2.1/ Backtesting with personal accounts from 2023 to date using different risk set files.

Recommend account size with setfile: 

- Very high risk: intended for small accounts ranging from $100-500, looking to quickly scale up their account.

- High risk: designed for accounts ranging from $500-1000, also aiming to rapidly scale up the account.

- Normal risk: intended for accounts with a balance of $100-5000.

- Low risk: suitable for accounts with a balance of $5000-$10000.

- Very low risk: suitable for accounts larger than $10000.

Note: High risk yields high returns, low risk yields low returns. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the risks involved in trading.

Let's now take a look at the results.


2.2/ Monthly backtesting since 2022, checking pass challenges from prop firms.



As we can see, in any month from 2022, the EA can pass with a maximum allowable drawdown of 8%.


If you want to test data from 2022 and earlier, you can conduct your own backtesting.

3/ EA Installation Guide

Step 1: Purchase the product 




Step 2: Enable Autotrading and add the news filter link. Follow these configuration steps: At the top of MT4/MT5, click Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. Check the same boxes as indicated below, and add the news filter link as shown, then click Ok.

News filter link: https://nfs.faireconomy.media/

Step 3: On the top of Meta Trader 4, ensure the AutoTrading button is pushed in and GREEN. Click it if it’s RED.

Step 4: Open the US30 or DJ30 chart with a M15 timeframe.

Step 5: Attach the EA you purchased in Step 1 to the chart. Load the desired set file and click OK.

Once completed, the result will appear as shown in the image below.



4/ IMPORTANT Recommendations

Which broker should you use for the EA?


=> It is advisable to use a broker with a digit setting of 2 and a raw spread account (100 - 150).


Should you use a VPS?


=> Yes. You should purchase a VPS to run the EA 24/7.

Can the EA be used with other EAs?

=> Yes


Thank you for reading this blog!!!