Function 1: Utilizing HFT Trading Strategy to Pass HFT Prop Firms' Challenge.

The EA employs HFT trading with the following features:

1- No martingale, no grid.
2- Uses buy stop orders.
3- Only opens one trade at a time, with fixed SL and TP.
4- No need for VPS (saving costs for users).
5- Only runs during the New York session hours when there is news.
The EA has been tested and successfully passed evaluations by the following funds (arranged in user-rated order of credibility):
1- Kortana FX
2- Nova Funding
3- Infinity Forex Fund
4- Quantec
5- The Talented Traders
6- Social Trading Club

Function 2: Employing Breakout Day Trading Strategy.

The EA takes advantage of sideways movements within a day to initiate trades when the price breaks out of the sideways range.


The EA includes all features to make it unique and customizable for each user:
1- Option to change the number of trades.
2- Random entry function (customizable settings).
3- Random trailing stop function (customizable settings).
Additionally, it adheres to prop firms' rules with features such as:
4- No holding trades over the weekend.
5- No tick scalping.
6- No hedging.
7- No martingale, no grid.
8- No trading during high-impact news events.
It also aligns with the consistency rule of HFT prop firms:
9- Uses a fixed lot size for consistent position sizing.

With all the above features, your EA will be unique in your hands.
You can use it with prop firms or personal accounts.
Below is the signal currently undergoing testing with the EA.
We hope that all the features of EA Diamond Infinity (ALL IN 1 EA) will provide you with a positive trading experience and profitable results in the market.


1: How many trades does the Funded or Personal Account function open per day?
=> Typically, it opens one trade per day within the specified time range (the time you can set for stop => close).
2: What is the estimated monthly profit?
=> There is no exact figure for monthly profit or loss. You will need to calculate based on actual results or conduct your own backtesting and estimation. The EA can be adjusted, and each setting will yield different results.
3: Can I use the HFT Function for a personal or funded account?
=> No, please do not use it.
4: How do I know if the Funded and Personal functions are active since I don't see the EA opening trades?
=> After installation, you will see three vertical lines corresponding to the set time. The EA will find entry points and open trades during that time frame. Outside of that time, the EA will not open trades. Some days the EA may open one trade, and other days it may not if the price does not break out of the sideways range.
5: Can the HFT challenge function be used with all prop firms?
=> No, only a few prop firms allow HFT trading. Refer to the list in the article. If you want to test specific prop firms, contact me.
6: Are the prop firms in the list reputable?
=> I do not endorse any prop firms. The list is based on the firms that the EA has been tested with. You must research prop firms to determine their reputation.
7: Can the EA be used for small accounts?
=> Yes, with the Funded or Personal function, you can use it with any account size, from $100-200.
8: Does the EA have any spread requirements?
=> No, but the current testing for the Funded function is with USDJPY and low spreads. If the spread is too high, it may affect profit. Be mindful and use it with an account with low spreads.
9: Can the Funded or Personal function be used for pairs other than USDJPY?
=> It is possible, but as I have not conducted specific set file testing, you can test and find suitable settings for the desired pair.

if you have any other questions, let message to me.
Note: Please check the backtest of all functions to understand the EA, and review all prop firms' rules. The EA is not responsible for losses in the market. The trading market is highly risky and may not be suitable for everyone. Manage your capital wisely.
Happy Trading!!!