1/ Overview

Today, I would like to introduce the US30 Scalper MT4&MT5 product.
This EA is specifically designed for the Dow Jones pair (US30, DJ30). The EA utilizes a dynamic breakout strategy and employs buy/sell stop orders to enter trades when a breakout occurs.
Unlike other EAs in the market that may blow up your account at any time, the US30 Scalper strictly adheres to capital management, SL, and TP management. 
The EA DOES NOT use risk strategies such as Martingale, Grid, or Hedging. It always opens only one trade at a time and always has clear SL and TP.
The EA supports trailing stop to lock in profits when necessary.
It includes a news filter function to use when you want to avoid high-impact news in the market or adhere to the rules of a prop firm.
The EA allows setting the operating time within a day.
It does not hold trades over the weekend.
Next, let's back-test the EA with historical data.

2/ Backtesting

The back-test results will be conducted from 2020 to the present with the following risk levels:

Recommend account size: 

- Prop firm risk: suitable for those aiming to run with prop firm funds.

- Very high risk: intended for small accounts ranging from $100-500, looking to quickly scale up their account.

- High risk: designed for accounts ranging from $500-1000, also aiming to rapidly scale up the account.

- Normal risk: intended for accounts with a balance of $100-5000.

- Low risk: suitable for accounts with a balance of $5000-$10000.

- Very low risk: suitable for accounts larger than $10000.

Note: High risk yields high returns, low risk yields low returns. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the risks involved in trading.

Let's now take a look at the results.





3/ EA Installation Guide

Step 1: Purchase the product from the MQL5 Market.




Step 2: Enable Autotrading and add the news filter link. Follow these configuration steps: At the top of MT4/MT5, click Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. Check the same boxes as indicated below, and add the news filter link as shown, then click Ok.

News filter link: https://nfs.faireconomy.media/

Step 3: On the top of Meta Trader 4, ensure the AutoTrading button is pushed in and GREEN. Click it if it’s RED.

Step 4: Open the US30 or DJ30 chart with a M15 timeframe.

Step 5: Attach the EA you purchased in Step 1 to the chart. Load the desired set file and click OK.

Once completed, the result will appear as shown in the image below.



4/ IMPORTANT Recommendations

Which broker should you use for the EA?


=> It is advisable to use a broker with a digit setting of 2 and a raw spread account (100 - 150).


Should you use a VPS?


=> Yes. You should purchase a VPS to run the EA 24/7.

Thank you for reading this blog!!!