Hi everyone,
I would like to introduce the Diamond Heracles MT5 product. It is one of the highest-profit EAs in my store in 2023 and continues to perform well in 2024.

1/ Real signals and result analysis


The EA has undergone forward testing from September 1, 2023, until now.
  • Time: 23 weeks (6 months)
  • Trades: 45
  • Profit Trades: 44 (97.77%)
  • Loss Trades: 1 (2.22%)
  • Recovery Factor: 10.59
  • Profit: 71%

2/ Explanation of how the EA operates

The EA is specifically designed for the GBPUSD pair and the ICMarkets broker.
It utilizes a combination of indicators: Adx, Rsi, and a Price Action strategy.
Below is a screenshot from the chart:

The EA uses Adx and Rsi indicators to create red-colored boxes on the screen. These boxes represent periods when the market is ranging or moving sideways. Subsequently, the EA employs price action to identify which boxes meet the conditions for entering a trade and which ones do not.

Therefore, you may notice that the EA skips many unattractive boxes and only executes trades with boxes showing favorable price action.

3/ Advantages of the EA

  • Does not employ risky account strategies like Martingale or Grid
  • Each trade has clear SL and TP
  • Utilizes trailing stop to secure profits
  • Always follows the market trend, avoiding counter-trend trades
  • Can use with small account from $200-300

4/ Q&A

1- How many trades does the EA open per week?
=> The EA opens very few trades in a month, averaging 4-8 trades. The focus is on profitability, not high trade frequency.
2- What is the monthly profit?
=> A specific figure cannot be calculated; you should check the signals to estimate it for yourself.
3- Can the EA be used for other currency pairs?
=> It has only been tested on GBPUSD; trying it on other pairs requires your own testing.
4- Can the EA be used for prop firms?
=> The EA wasn't designed for prop firms; check your firm's rules for suitability.
5- Does the EA have its own set file?
=> The EA has default settings based on real signals; you only need to adjust the desired risk.
6- Can the EA be used with brokers other than IC Markets?
=> It hasn't been tested with other brokers; back-test or contact for testing. IC Markets is currently recommended.
7- Updating...

For testing the product or any inquiries, please contact me.
Thank you.