1/ Overview

The EA utilizes an automatic dynamic breakout strategy, used with the GBPUSD pair. 
On average, if a breakout is detected each day, the EA will open buy/sell stop orders.
Note: If there is no breakout, the EA will not open orders. Therefore, there will be days when the EA does not open orders.


Regarding SL, TP, and trailing stop: 
  • The EA uses fixed SL, TP, which can be set in the input settings. 
  • It also uses a trailing stop to fix profit. 
  • Generally, winning trades will have much lower profit compared to SL trades. 
  • However, the win rate is consistently high at around 90-95%.
Note: Please understand the Risk-Reward (RR) concept in trading to avoid confusion about why a single losing trade can be greater in size than a single winning trade.

2/ Let's start analyzing the back-test results of EA Diamond Scalper X.

The back-test uses Autolots and Medium risk. Other setting params are default.


Note: This is a back-test, not real results, so it should be used for estimation or future prediction only. It does not guarantee 100% accuracy in the future.
2.1/ From 2015 to 2024
  • Start: $10K
  • Profit: $4M
  • Profit Factor: 2.35
  • Win-rate: 96%
  • Drawdown (DD): 14%


The EA started with a capital of $10K and reached a profit of $4M in 9 years.

To understand the back-test results better, let's zoom in to understand the results for each year.
2.2/ 2015
  • Start: $10K
  • Profit: $7.4K
  • Profit Factor: 1.5
  • Win-rate: 94%
  • DD: 14%

As you can see, the EA won continuously from the beginning of the year until March and then experienced a significant decline. After that, the EA continued to win until May and experienced consecutive drawdowns until July. So, if you bought the EA during the period from May to July, you would have experienced consecutive losses. However, immediately after that, the EA continued to win until September, ending the year with a $7.4K profit.

Note: You cannot evaluate the EA based solely on the short-term drawdown from May to July. Always be prepared for significant drawdowns with losing trades.
2.3/ 2016
  • Start: $10K
  • Profit: $16K
  • Profit Factor: 2.08
  • Win-rate: 95%
  • DD: 11%


The win rate is still 96%, and we also see a series of 3 drawdowns in March, July, and October. So, if you bought the EA during these times, your account would have experienced losses. But these are short-term. The EA still ended the year with a profit of $16K.

2.4/ 2017
  • Start: $10K
  • Profit: $8K
  • Profit Factor: 1.79
  • Win-rate: 95%
  • DD: 11%


Pay attention to the red highlighted areas. The EA continued to win until February 1st and then had a loss, taking away a significant amount of profit, almost all of the year's profit. But that was still short-term. Immediately after that, the EA continued to win and traded sideways for 5 consecutive months with little or no profit. However, it still ended the year with a $8K profit.

Similarly, check the years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 below.

2.4/ 2018

  • Start: $10K
  • Profit: $15K
  • Profit Factor: 2.96
  • Win-rate: 97%
  • DD: 8%

2.5/ 2019

  • Start: $10K
  • Profit: $7K
  • Profit Factor: 1.78
  • Win-rate: 95%
  • DD: 10.73%

2.6/ 2020

  • Start: $10K
  • Profit: $8K
  • Profit Factor: 1.78
  • Win-rate: 95%
  • DD: 8%

2.7/ 2021

  • Start: $10K
  • Profit: $3.7K
  • Profit Factor: 1.46
  • Win-rate: 95%
  • DD: 9%

2.8/ 2022

  • Start: $10K
  • Profit: $10K
  • Profit Factor: 1.99
  • Win-rate: 95%
  • DD: 9%


2.9/ 2023

  • Start: $10K
  • Profit: $13.9K
  • Profit Factor: 4.27
  • Win-rate: 98%
  • DD: 6.8%


2.10/ 2024

3/ Evaluation

  • Consistent wins for 9 consecutive years
  • High win rate
  • Profit factor ranging from 1.7 to 4.88
  • The best profit year: 2023
Good for long term if you run the EA for 1-3-5 or even 10 years.
  • A single losing trade is much larger than a single winning trade
Not good in the short term, not suitable for those who only seek profit within 1-2 weeks or 1-2 months

4/ Conclusion

The EA backtest has shown consistently positive results from 2015 until now, indicating a long-term successful performance.

However, it is not immune to extended drawdown periods, lasting from a few days to several months. This is a short-term downside that is inevitable when investing in any asset.

If an EA claims to have a 100% win rate, it is deceptive and not reflective of reality.

A candlestick evaluation objectively suggests that this EA is worth trying and testing.


Warning: Things to know before buying EA

Before you decide to buy an EA, you need to understand the risks in trading.

1. The future cannot be known, only probabilities based on past data can be used to predict the future, not 100% accuracy.

2. EA can encounter drawdowns at any time

3. A good EA is one that creates profits in the long term (1-3-5-10 years), not one that creates profits in the short term.

4. Short-term drawdowns in EA are not a sign of weakness; look at the long term.

5. Use a small risk to ensure safety in trading.